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Thank you for your interest in creating this inspired culture.

Whether restaurant, retail shop, Airbnb, or other hip-space -we want to connect you with our local community.

Elevated Café - Buck+Board connected to host Musical Artist - Alyce Lindberg for a popup concert.

Elevated CaféBuck+Board connected to host Musical ArtistAlyce Lindberg for a popup concert.

Host at your leisure

“Art is too important not to share.”– Romero Britto

As artists, we understand the importance of having a creative space to share our passion within community, it’s an honor.

Our process is to curate the art which best suits your environment and customer base for maximum appreciation.

Liv Noelle at Columbia Vibe

@livnoellemusic — Family Band with Aaron & Ross

The Fine Print

We’re currently in the process of contacting local spaces and sponsors.

Please provide your information below to connect with these opportunities.